ATS IMPORTS . 2019 Auction sheet How to order Please have a look at the auction website if there are kinds of vehicles that you are looking for. If you see a car you want or you want to bid in the future  please contact us by sending an e-mail to, Also you can send the information of a car to let us see in the auction history for what kind of money a car of your specifications will probably costs so you can see if we can get a car for you in that kind of price. When you want to continue on the auction we will need a deposit of € 1000,- When a car is purchased we will take the deposit off the car costs, if you want to stop on the auction without buying a car you will get the deposit back on your bank account. When the deposit is on our account we can start bidding on the cars you like, also we have a bigger selection of cars then only on that auction site and we will send you the extra cars that you like. If you see a car you like we can send you extra information like the auction sheet and interior picture and also can give you an auction sheet translation. We will send you the results of your bid as soon as possible if we could buy the car for you or for how much it was sold. If we succesfully bought a car we will send you the details and the money needs to be transferd to us within 24 hours after auction. We will then arrange everything in japan like transportation, customs, shipping to get the car as soon as possible in the port of your choice and will get you some extra pictures for the 4 to 6 weeks wait untill the car arrives. if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or special requests. Auction Website How to order Auction sheet