ATS IMPORTS . 2019 USS Auction Sheet Grading of the auctionsheet 5, 6 or above As new condition Usually current year model, very low k/s and no blemishes or marks, showroom condition 4.5 Excellent condition Showroom condition slightly higher k/s 4 Good condition for age & k/s Good condition for age & k/s may require some minor paint touch ups. Best target !!! Value for money 3.5 Average condition to below average for age & k/s, Will require some reconditioning &/or paint touch up work, usually cheap for age & k/s Ok if you don't mind scratches etc After the number sometimes you will see two letters, the first letter relates to the exterior condition and the second letter relates to interior condition. Any repair required is not due to a road accident, but general wear and tear: A - No need for repair. (Excellent nice condition) B - May require cosmetic repair or cleaning. (Reasonably nice condition) C - Needs repair. (Some work required) D - Obvious it requires repair. (Needs attention, poor condition) Lower Grade Vehicles: 3 Some small previous accident repair or poor condition Small repair or poor condition but often if small repair can still be in tidy condition for age & k/s and often cheap 2 Very bad condition Would not recommend a grade 2 1 Modified car or some other situation Will only consider if client requests a modified car. Suitable for drift racing 0.1, R1, RA1 Modified & repaired Will only consider if client requests a modified car. Suitable for drift racing 0, R, RA Accident repaired vehicle or Small or very good repair hard to see Sometimes ok *** or no grade Damaged unrepaired or suitable for parts only Other Letters: S (better than grade 7) Perfect new car condition T Special purpose vehicle Auction Website How to order Auction sheet